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Bethesda celebrates the 25th birthday of The Elder Scrolls with anniversary video

The Elder Scrolls franchise turns 25 years old this year and that calls for a celebration. The Elder Scrolls Online already has quite a few updates lined up, which you can check out by clicking here. Now Bethesda celebrates with a video, in which we see developers and players alike talk about their experiences with the games and how it

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Learn how to make sweetrolls with The Elder Scrolls cookbook

The world of Tamriel is filled with interesting and delicious looking recipes. Coming 2019 you are able to try out recipes from Skyrim, Cyrodill, Morrowind and other provinces with the official Elder Scrolls Cookbook. Starting the 26th of March next year, we will hopefully finally know the recipe of skooma. If you prefer the Fallout franchise to The Elder Scrolls

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