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Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is the next Pokémon movie

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is the official title of the next Pokémon movie in the franchise. It immediately reminds us of the first ever Pokémon movie and according to the director, there should be some kind of tie in. Whether we are talking about a reboot/remake/remaster or something entirely new, we don’t know yet. The only kind of footage that

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It’s snowing candy in the Pokémon Go holiday event

Starting December 18th, the Pokémon Go holiday event will commence. It ends January 2nd and offers different rewards on different days. December 18th-22nd: Double candy (transferring included) December 22nd-26th: Double Stardust December 26th-30th: Double XP December 30th-January 2nd: Double egg incubation speed The event also holds some event Pokémon like Delibird and Pikachu with a christmas hat on. 7km eggs

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