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Here’s everything to know and see about Borderlands 3

This week, 2K held a special event detailing a bunch of stuff about upcoming Borderlands 3. Gearbox Software showed and extensive presentation featuring new gameplay and details about the game’s worlds, weapons, mechanics, and more. This gave us a first look at two out of the four new hunters, which will be available at launch in this more than promising looter-shooter.

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Review: The Division 2

The Division 2 brings us back to the post-apocalyptic US we’ve gotten a taste of in the first game. However, this time we aren’t running around in the abandoned streets of New York, we are visiting the capital, Washington D.C.. The first Division quickly made itself a looter-shooter worth knowing, but still had some room left for improvement. This one

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Review: Anthem

Dive into your space suit and fire up those engines, the long-awaited Anthem is finally here. BioWare has tried its hand at a looter-shooter for the first time, all whilst implementing their way of telling a story. Ever since the E3 presentation back in 2017 we have been looking forward to don our iron suit and take back this fallen

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