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A Fallout Remaster might be on its way thanks to Fallout countdown appearing online

One of the most iconic images in the Fallout franchise is the ‘please stand by’ countdown trailer. Whenever it appears online, a new title is not far off. Fallout 76 is the last to have been released this way and now another countdown has already appeared. This time it is on the Amazon website, along with the standard $59.99 price

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Fallout fans dissapointed once again, this time with plastic Rum bottles

Game developer Bethesda has been receiving a lot of blowback ever since the release of Fallout 76. The game was advertised as being a triple A game and turned out to be something far from it. There was also some controversy considering the “canvas” bags included in the game’s collectors edition. Although it had been advertised as canvas, it turned

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