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Review: Anthem

Dive into your space suit and fire up those engines, the long-awaited Anthem is finally here. BioWare has tried its hand at a looter-shooter for the first time, all whilst implementing their way of telling a story. Ever since the E3 presentation back in 2017 we have been looking forward to don our iron suit and take back this fallen

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EA working on Anthem movie ‘Conviction’ with District 9 director

Today Electronic Arts announced the exciting news that the publisher has been collaborating with Neill Blomkamp, the Academy Award-nominated director of science-fiction movies District 9 and Elysium, to bring the world of Anthem to life in a live-action movie. Blomkamp has been impressed by Bioware’s Anthem ever since it was announced at E3 2017 and he tweeted about it. That tweet

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