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Battlefield V expansion ‘Defying the Odds’ is bringing new maps and modes this month

The second Great War continues in Battlefield V, with four new maps on the horizon. Expansion four: Defying the Odds starts June 27 and is bringing along new game modes. The content starts with the release of two 64 players maps called Al Sundan, which will bring you to the North-African sahara and Marita, which brings our troops back to

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Battlefield V’s fourth update fixes shotguns, squads and more

EA’s Battlefield V had a few issues at launch, most of those having been worked out already. The newest update focuses on quality-of-life aspects of the game and implements fixes to squad deployment, shotguns, the ‘end of round’ Company Coin-counter, stability issues and more. The full patch notes are available on the Battlefield website and you can check them out

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