Use a jetpack in VR with Space Junkies starting March 26

Space Junkies is Ubisoft’s micro-gravity VR Shooter and it’s coming out on March 26. Strap on a jetpack, grab yourself a gun and face off against other players in six different arenas. Each arena features unique tactical zones, dynamic lighting and destructable environments. If you feel like you’re up for the job you can visit Ubisoft’s website to sign up

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EA working on Anthem movie ‘Conviction’ with District 9 director

Today Electronic Arts announced the exciting news that the publisher has been collaborating with Neill Blomkamp, the Academy Award-nominated director of science-fiction movies District 9 and Elysium, to bring the world of Anthem to life in a live-action movie. Blomkamp has been impressed by Bioware’s Anthem ever since it was announced at E3 2017 and he tweeted about it. That tweet

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Adjustments to Stormwing, Rocket Launcher and more in Fortnite update

This week’s v7.40 update will add quite a few changes that the Fortnite community massively requested throughout Season 7. While the full patch notes haven’t been revealed yet, Epic Games did publish a sneak peek of what’s to come: Planes will no longer be able to smash through structures Zipline interact prompt added, and using a Zipline will grant fall

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