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Review | A Plague Tale: Innocence

Rats, medieval France, and siblings. The simple combination of those three elements forms the core of A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game, however, turned out to be anything but simple. Set during the Black Plague, one of the most horrifying and deadly periods in human history, the game is built around the journey of Amicia and her little brother Hugo.

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Review: Mortal Kombat XI

In 1992, 27 years ago, the first ever Mortal Kombat game hit the arcades. Today, so many years later, fans of the franchise will rejoice to hear Mortal Kombat XI is everything they’ve wished for and more. The timeline has been in shambles ever since the previous entry, so now is the time to fix it and play with our

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Review: Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is the seventh installment in the franchise and brings us back to the past after the futuristic Anno 2205. This time players will experience the start of the industrial age, something which is present during the whole game. Explore, discover and capitalize on everything new you can find. Work on your trading routes, alliances, social classes and more

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Review: The Walking Dead – The Final Season

Seven years ago, players all around the globe fell in love with Telltale Games’ gritty, walker-infested world and its compelling characters. With their narrative-driven episodes where choices matter Telltale undeniably changed today’s video game industry. We’ve definitely come a long way from escaping out of a crashed police car and meeting an abandoned girl hiding in a treehouse. Lee and

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Review: Outward

Outward is the answer to the question what would happen if two of the most popular gaming genres crossed paths, those genres being RPG and survival. In this game you are a nobody who is just trying to pay its rent. You make your own story from here on out as you start exploring the world around you, making enemies

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