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Review: The Surge 2

The Surge 2 strives to capture the feeling of a souls game put in a sci-fi environment. The first one had promising mechanics, yet didn’t quite deliver on its setting and story. This time we ventured into the broken, technological streets of Jericho City and found out whether or not the sequel had vastly improved on the original. The Surge

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Review: The Sojourn

A world of light and darkness, a journey, a puzzle. After nearly four years of working on the title, developer Shifting Tides has finally released its mysterious puzzle game The Sojourn.  sojourn noun so·​journ | \ ˈsō-ˌjərn  , sō-ˈjərn\ : a temporary stay A blend of mystery and brain-teasers, The Sojourn takes the player to a desolate, yet picturesque world little is known about. As it is a first-person

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Review: Borderlands 3

The Borderlands series has been around for many years and through these years, we have had a lot of fun. We have a weakness when it comes to opening boxes and waiting with excitement for what may be in it. That’s why we went crazy when we saw the first trailer of Borderlands 3 a few month’s ago. Will 2K

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Review: GreedFall

A plague festers and war is brewing… Spiders Studio has set sail for a mysterious new RPG. In GreedFall, a diplomat wavers between different factions, trying to maintain peace.  The world of GreedFall is heavily inspired by seventeenth-century Europe, and its architecture more particularly by English and French cities. The game’s continent is divided into several factions, on the brink

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Review: NBA 2K20

It’s that time of the year again: video game season. During fall game releases are dropping as fast as the leaves from trees, which is why it can be tough to keep an overview. NBA 2K20 kicks off the sports video game season, which poses the question of how it compares to the previous title in the franchise. NBA 2K20

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