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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order just got an incredible double-bladed launch trailer

EA’s upcoming singleplayer Star Wars experience, Fallen Order, just got an incredible launch trailer. In it we see our protagonist running from Order 66′ aftermath, facing off against the empire’s inquisitors. Luckily young padawan Cal Kestis will have allies to back him up, with Cere, Greeze and reliable droid BD-1 also being shown in the trailer. Star Wars Jedi: The

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Review: Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun gives us an in-depth look into an alternate course of history where every one of famous scientist Nikola Tesla’s overly-ambitious and sometimes dangerous inventions have actually come to fruition. The game itself can get a little repetitive at times, but there is no arguing with its sublime Rapture-esque atmosphere.  Players get in the skin of Rose,

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Rainbow Six Siege goes Halloween with the Doktor’s Curse Event

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has gone full Halloween with its special ‘Doktor’s Curse’ event. This temporary event introduces a new game mode, a Frankenstein version of the Theme Park map where the evil Operator Doc is running his experiments. The festivities start today and end November 6th. The new mode puts 5 monsters against 5 others in an intense

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War developer celebrates its 25th birthday with a livestream

Monolith Productions, a studio under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is celebrating its 25th birthday with a livestream. The studio is known best for its work on Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor, among a plethora of other titels. In the livestream, the developers will be doing a Q&A and talking about 25 years in the business. Tune in

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Battlefield 3’s Metro map is now live in Battlefield V

Operation Underground is out today, a free new map for Dice’s multiplayer shooter. The German battleground is based on Battlefield 3’s Operation Metro and Battlefield 4’s Second Assault. The map features claustrophobic tunnels, trainwrecks and small streets. Operation Underground is available on modes like Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Breakthrough and Squad Contest. Lock and load!

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Review: The Surge 2

The Surge 2 strives to capture the feeling of a souls game put in a sci-fi environment. The first one had promising mechanics, yet didn’t quite deliver on its setting and story. This time we ventured into the broken, technological streets of Jericho City and found out whether or not the sequel had vastly improved on the original. The Surge

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