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Review: Mortal Kombat XI

In 1992, 27 years ago, the first ever Mortal Kombat game hit the arcades. Today, so many years later, fans of the franchise will rejoice to hear Mortal Kombat XI is everything they’ve wished for and more. The timeline has been in shambles ever since the previous entry, so now is the time to fix it and play with our

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Review: Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is the seventh installment in the franchise and brings us back to the past after the futuristic Anno 2205. This time players will experience the start of the industrial age, something which is present during the whole game. Explore, discover and capitalize on everything new you can find. Work on your trading routes, alliances, social classes and more

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There is now a Fortnite World Cup for… building?

Ever since April 13, Fortnite players have been competing to qualify for the World Championship. The winner is awarded 3 million dollars, so it’s something worth competing for. Today, Epic Games announced there will be another Cup players will be able to compete for, namely Creative mode. The road to the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals includes five showcase events

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Cute and terrifying game “Little Nightmares” is coming to our phones

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe just announced Little Nightmares’ story is continuing, this time on our phones. Very Little Nightmares will shortly be available for IOS-devices, giving players a unique puzzle game giving us the perfect combination of cute and terrifying. The title will see players discovering Six’ backstory about when she’s trying to survive the nest. We can’t wait for this

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