Review: Planet Zoo – Arctic Pack

Planet Zoo has only been out out for two months and the first DLC is already available to players around the globe. The Arctic Pack offers sim-lovers new animals, buildings and more to play with. We put on our scarfs and mittens and discovered what the first DLC has to offer.


Planet Zoo is all about the animals. The Arctic Pack includes dall sheep, reindeer, polar bears and arctic wolves. This may not be a lot for the $10 price tag, but what’s there is very well made. Just like the animals in the base game, every animation is wonderfully programmed. We could watch the icy wind rustle a polar bears fur for hours without it ever occurring to us that it wasn’t live footage. If only the pack would have added the ability to build a penguin kingdom as well.

Aside from our fuzzy friends, the pack added some other things as well. Scandinavian themed houses, roads and decorations are now available to embellish your zoo. The other main attraction is the addition of two new missions to the story mode. One takes the player to Scandinavia and the other to Mexico City. Once again these missions are the perfect place to get to know the animals and how they behave in each environment and  act with each other.



Planet Zoo’s Arctic Pack offers everything we would expect from a DLC. The amount of animals added might not knock anyone out of the parc, but we are happy to see that all of the content is of the high standard we have gotten accustomed to with Planet Zoo. The pack certainly isn’t a must-have, but if you like Planet Zoo and wished that you could just have that tiny bit more, this is the DLC for you.

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