Troy Baker and Nolan North are doing a The Last of Us playthrough

Voice acting legends Troy Baker and Nolan North just announced that they will soon be diving into the brutal, zombie infested world of The Last of Us. The duo has been hosting playthroughs of video games – nostalgic and contemporary – on their YouTube channel Retro Replay for more than a year, and with the popularity of Baker and North’s The Definitive Playthrough of the Uncharted games, it’s now time for the Drake brothers to get their hands on The Last of Us.

Troy Baker, who plays none other than Joel, and Nolan North – the disturbing, terrifying David – will play the entire game, from start to finish. In true Retro Replay fashion, the duo will share fun facts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the making of the game. Baker and North will be joined by the cast of The Last of Us as well, so expect Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and co to drop by anytime soon.

Episodes of The Last of Us: The Definitive Playthrough will be uploaded on the Retro Replay channel on Tuesdays. Meanwhile, Baker and North are still fighting their way through Nepalese mountain villages in the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves playthrough on Mondays.

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