Review: WWE 2K20

We have to admit, last year’s WWE 2K19 raised the bar quite a bit for the franchise as a whole. We were curious to see how the new game would hold up with Visual Concepts at the helm, instead of the Department of Yuke’s. Does Visual Concepts succeed in making WWE 2K20 better than its predecessor or is the game ready to be finished with a Smackdown? We entered the ring and came back with our review. 

It’s difficult for us to say this, seen as though we are big fans of the sports entertainment business, but WWE 2K20 is some heartbreaking stuff. When we enter the menus it quickly became as clear as water that the visuals are worse than its predecessor’s. There is a huge roster of superstars, but they all look like they just came out of the ring after a week of non-stop brawling. Certain superstars had squinty eyes and most didn’t look like their real-life equivalents at all.

WWE 2K20 roster.jpg

We started our WWE 2K20 experience with an exhibition match. Not only the graphics are bad, but so is the gameplay. We were not only fighting against our opponent, but  also against the game’s many bugs and glitches. It was almost unplayable at times. A little discouraged, we went to try out one of our favorite modes, WWE Universe. We set the whole Universe to our demands and we kicked it off at the RAW show. In previous games we were treated with cool intro movies, but this time it was a boring affair. Only the word RAW was displayed on the screen and that was that. We even checked out a promo match where the superstar speaks to the people and to his opponent to provoke him/her. Sadly enough, this fell rather flat seen as though, again, there are no voices available for the superstars in WWE Universe mode.

Unfortunately the bugs and glitches are equally present in the WWE Universe mode. Characters sometimes turn invisible when they enter the ring and more often than not a random black screen ends our match. Characters can get stuck in the ropes, hit the air instead of their opponent and so the list goes on. These are just some of the things that happened during our playtime, but there are many more. To make things worse, WWE 2K20 even crashed our PlayStation 4 times. This is clearly a game that wasn’t ready for release just yet.


It was hard to go further with this ‘adventure’, but we had to endure to check out the other game modes. This time, we went for the 2K Showcase with the four horsewomen; Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks. It’s fun to try to repeat the important matches of these women in their careers.  Just like ” the real stuff” in WWE, you must adhere to a scenario to bring these matches to a succesfull conclusion. Every superstar explains in her own way how she lived and dealt with that particular moment of her career.

Playing as Roman Reigns, players can take on the 2K Towers, which work mostly like the tower system in Mortal Kombat. You can earn a maximum of five stars each game and if you managed to collect enough stars at the end of the tower you earn coins, which you can then use to buy legendary superstars, among other things. Without bugs these game modes would be fine, but you have to get lucky to avoid them in WWE 2K20. Another strange thing here are the controls. They are completely different from the previous titles. This can take some time to properly adjust.


The separation with Yuke’s hasn’t done the series any favours. We believe that if Visual Concepts would have had more time to make a new WWE 2K game that the result would have looked completely different. At the time we are writing this down, they are well aware of the situation and are doing their best to solve most of these problems with an upcoming patch. Sadly enough, we believe it’s a little too late for that. We hope next year will bring the franchise back to the level of quality we are used from it, because WWE 2K20 is a real disappointment to all the fans of the sports entertainment business.

WWE 2K20 is down for the count. It’s riddled with bugs and glitches, the superstars are a visual disaster and the only time you are really having fun with this game is when you are taking it out of your console. We hope that the patch is going to fix some of these problems, but for most players this rescue operation is coming too late. Hopefully Visual Concepts learns from this failure and next year’s WWE 2K is back to the level of quality we have come to expect from the franchise.

Rating: 4/10
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Yuke's, Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Games, 2K Sports
Price: €59,99


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