For Honor’s Halloween event is now available

For Honors ” Fangs of the Otherworld”, a special in-game Halloween event, is now free to play for all For Honor players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from now until November 1. The Creepy event contains frightening, spooky content, including a new game mode, exclusive Halloween ticket, new executions and more.

“Fangs of the Otherworld” contains a new fang-tastic game mode called Spooky Slashers, a temporary version of Dominion. Players conquer zones to get a special boost with wich they slaughter mysterious creatures. Players must, however, continue to be careful because their boost can also be stolen when killed.

In addition, players will earn random Halloween tickets at the end of all online matches played during the event. With these you are able to customize your favorite Heroes with many items that are available for a limited time only, including spooky Battle Outfits, shocking effects and horrific weapons. This event also includes four new temporary executions and several frightening Illustrious Outfits. Players also have until November 1 the chance to earn exlusive rewards by playing with other warriors and participating in the Faction Race Order.

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