Review: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the direct follow-up to the mediocre Wildlands, which came out in 2017. Ubisoft has since then invested in a better story, villain, world and much more. Does the sequel live up to our expectations or does it fall flat like its brother in arms?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint seems to want to be a little too much at once. The story is set-up like a stealthy, military shooter in a foreign land with more technology than you or the locals know what to do with, yet the gameplay often feels more like a Just Cause title. Combine this with loot-shooter mechanics directly taken from games like Destiny 2 and Ubisoft’s own Division 2 and you can easily see that the developers have just been a little too ambitious.


The stealth-action gameplay, when not held back by the occasional bug or glitch, does work extremely well. We had difficulty to find other games that capture the essence of what makes sniping or stealthily taking out bases as much fun as this one. Covering yourself with mud to stay hidden from a passing patrol, scouting out a military base from miles away with a sniper and drone, sneaking into the leaders’ residence to gain intel and be out before anyone notices and much, much more. These are the experiences that make us coming back time and time again to the land of Aurora.


The story itself starts interesting enough. A tanker goes missing off the coast of a far-away island and a squad of ‘Ghosts’ is deployed to find out what happened to it. The squad, which the player is a part of, is shot down and now finds itself in Aurora, a hostile land. This ‘paradise’ is led by former ghost, Cole Walker (John Bernthal). His aim is to take over an increasingly bigger part of the world using their over-the-top technological weapons. Every mission in Breakpoint is non-linear, just like the story itself. This makes it fun enough to go through, even if the story falls a bit flat by the end.

What is a shame is that the title set-up to be a stealth-action game, is actually most-often far from it. Jumping out of helicopters, using bazookas on the wildlife, messing with civilians et cetra. Especially when playing with a friend, when the game is truly at its most fun, the stealth-action loses the first part of its composition very quickly. Combine this with microtransactions, a lot of gameplay and open world mechanics that we have seen a dozen times before in Far Cry of Division titles and you can tell the game just isn’t what we expected it to be. Implementing the loot mechanics from The Division 2 also wasn’t the best design choice, as we feel like the numbers don’t add up to too much of a difference in gameplay.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an overly ambitious game. The stealth-action gameplay can be some of the best of all time, but also some of the worst through to various reasons. The game fails to be original with too many elements we have often seen before in Ubisoft’s open world titles, which is a shame because at its core Ghost Recon Breakpoint is as original as it is enjoyable. Perhaps less would have been more with this title, not that it will stop us from having a lot more fun solo or in co-op in Aurora in the weeks to come.

Rating: 6.5/10 
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft 
 Price: €59,99/$59,99/£49.99

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