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Pirate Battle Royale and more have been announced by Iceberg Games

During the Paris Games Week 2019, which is happening right now, Iceberg Interactive spoiled us with their first ever full publisher broadcast event. Twelve games were announced, including the upcoming pirate Battle Royale game, Blazing Sails. Here’s a summary of the Iceberg Ahead event. Blazing Sails, a pirate Battle Royale. Create your own pirate and ship in this unique battle

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order just got an incredible double-bladed launch trailer

EA’s upcoming singleplayer Star Wars experience, Fallen Order, just got an incredible launch trailer. In it we see our protagonist running from Order 66′ aftermath, facing off against the empire’s inquisitors. Luckily young padawan Cal Kestis will have allies to back him up, with Cere, Greeze and reliable droid BD-1 also being shown in the trailer. Star Wars Jedi: The

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Review: Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun gives us an in-depth look into an alternate course of history where every one of famous scientist Nikola Tesla’s overly-ambitious and sometimes dangerous inventions have actually come to fruition. The game itself can get a little repetitive at times, but there is no arguing with its sublime Rapture-esque atmosphere.  Players get in the skin of Rose,

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