Preview | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to play the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Alpha. This past weekend, all PlayStation 4 players had the opportunity to experience the same and more. After an intense weekend of capturing objectives and confirming kills we write down our thoughts about the game. 

First of all, we are glad to see that Infinity Ward is back in action and has provided us with a new Call of Duty experience. The countdown had been set and after the download it was time to kick some ass. Unfortunately, it was the other way around. When we started playing there was no trusted minimap to be found (this was later added), which led to a whole new COD experience. Aiming is more difficult and three-lane maps are gone, so prepare to die a lot when diving into the beta.


When we first launched the game we were poking around in the menus and found out that we couldn’t select any mode other than Quick Play. On the first day we had the chance to play on two different maps and two different game modes: Team Deathmatch and Domination. In later beta periods other modes were added and we are happy to announce that modes like Wingman are here to stay.

Everyday new stuff popped up and at the end of the beta it was clear that this was not a run of the mill Call of Duty game. The gun selection and customisation, different style of maps, hardcore gunplay and more make Modern Warfare already stand out from previous titles in the franchise.


Don’t worry though, Modern Warfare still includes all the Call of Duty basics. Assault rifle, submachine gun, marksman rifle and a few other weapon types are available in the game. The higher level you are, the more weapons you unlock. Each weapon has the ability to be customised with different attachments. Muzzles, scopes, barrels and extented magazines are only a few of the many available options. Perks and kill streaks are also back in the game.

The gunplay is incredible in this Call of Duty installment. You’ll experience many new things by switching guns from full-auto, to burst, to single shot. Weapons also take on a new ability by showing you what type of ammo they use and allowing you to choose a more powerful round at a slower rate of fire, or a less powerfuml round that shoots much faster.


Aiming has also taken up a new form, as it offers a better experience than in the past, giving you multiple ways of aiming through either lasers or scopes. There’s also increased hip fire accuracy and different perks that you can use while aiming around corners. Mounting weapons is also new in this Call of Duty, as you can mount to the side of a door frame, a window, or even just the ground. You can use this feature to peek through a door before entering, which can be very useful if you need to scout out a room without alerting the enemy to your presence.

We were relieved that in the last day of this beta period, there was an option to play some of the new game modes. In Night Vision Mode you only play at night. You’re given a set of night vision goggles that you have to put on and off at certain places in the map. In some areas, you might be able to see just fine without them, but in others you’re lost in total darkness. Another option was Realism Mode, which is just like the name suggests. No hit markers when you’re spraying bullets and one shot one kill rules are in effect.

Are we satisfied with what we have seen and played in the past three days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Even though the amount of content in the beta was lacking, we have to admit that there is a lot of potential in this game. Modern Warfare feels like a fresh take on the popular franchise, something we can’t but celebrate in such a long-running game series. We cannot wait to see what the full game brings.

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