Review: RAD

What happens when you combine The Goonies, Stranger Things, roguelike gameplay, mutations and the great atmosphere of the 80’s? You get RAD, a video game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment which combines all these great elements together.


In RAD, we take control of one of  four teenagers to start off our journey with. By playing the game you can eventually unlock the others as well. Our goal is to search a procedurally-generated wasteland for effigies known as respirators, items that may restore the human civilizations after a devastating double apocalypse.

One of the most important things in RAD are the mutations. These ensure that your character becomes stronger and gains access to new and powerful attacks. You receive these mutations randomly, which gives the gameplay a special touch. You can wield a maximum of three mutations per run. At times these combinations can run to your advantage, but they can also be at your disadvantage. Some allow you to throw firebolts at your enemies, but if you combine this with a cloud of gas that surrounds you at all times, you know the party is just getting started.


In addition to the mutations, you can also use endo-mutations. These can also help or sabotage your journey. These endo-mutations always work passively. For example, you can walk faster with Hulk Haunches or you can walk through the chemical ponds with Water Proof. The endo-mutations are unlimitied. Artifacts are also available in RAD. These items can make you double jump or if you die you can rewind the time with the Video Rewinder, so you can start over again at the exact place you died last time.


With tapes you can pay throughout the game and floppy discs serve as keys to unlock crates and bunkers. In these bunkers you can find important loot that you will not find on the irradiated surface world. When you die and you still have tapes and floppy discs in your possession, you will lose them all.

You have to activate totems to get further in your adventure. You will first have to conquer a boss or a challenge. When you can go to a new stage, you have to make the choice to continue or pass to the hub. In the hub you can save your progress if you wanna quit for a while. You can also deposit your tapes, so you don’t have to worry when you die a few minutes later.


There is also a shop in the hub, where you can buy items. You will have to buy things otherwise the store will not expand. Certain people in the hub ask for a favor to bring something from the wastelands. When you die in RAD, the game balances how you have performed through your run. It’s possible you will be rewarded with new items and weapons. We did a whole bunch of runs in RAD and we are in love with the game.

Dead Cells and Binding of Isaac are a few of the famous roguelike video games.  RAD fits very well in the genre. The combination of the mutations are great, especially because they are random and ensure that you never know what to expect. The atmosphere of the 80’s is so incredible in RAD that you wish you could relive this period again. 

Rating: 8/10
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Double Fine Entertainment
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Price: €19,99/$19,99/£14.99




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