Here’s what to expect from EA during E3

Electronic Arts Inc., better known as EA, won’t be showing off their games on stage during E3. This year, the company is holding an event of their own, better known as EA Play. This event will be livestreamed and lasts for three hours. This event will give gamers around the world a better look into their games to come. Here’s what to expect Saturday June 8:

  • (18:15 CET): Countdown to EA PLAY
  • (18:30 CET): Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • (19:00 CET): Apex Legends
  • (19:30 CET): Battlefield
  • (20:00 CET): FIFA 20
  • (20:30 CET): Madden NFL 20
  • (21:00 CET): The Sims 4

What are you most looking forward to?

unnamed (5).png

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