Fortnite Season 9 introduces futuristic Neo Tilted

Get ready to run from the storm again, because Season 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale is online! The volcano has erupted and the beloved Tilted Towers, which was barely standing at the end of the previous season, has now undergone a huge transformation.

Like a phoenix , Neo Tilted has risen from the ashes, and it looks very promising. With Slipstreams, players can easily use the wind to fly to different buildings. It seems that the volcano is now also entirely gone and a construction site, complete with helicopter platforms, has fully taken its place. Apart from that, Retail Row is no more… The huge Mega Mall will provide new spots for players to discover.

Unfortunately, a few vaults did also happen. The Suppressed Assault Rifle is vaulted, along with the Pump Shotgun, Clingers and Balloons. The newest addition to the inventory, however, is the semi-automatic Combat Shotgun.

With a new season comes a new Battle Pass. Futuristic skins, emotes and other cosmetics are available for Battle Pass owners.

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