Review: Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2

Several months after the events that kicked off Life is Strange 2 and the Diaz brothers’ story, we find our protagonists in the midst of winter. Leaf carpets are traded in for blankets of snow and you are hiding out in a cabin Sean found. Episode 1 was a great start of the story, but it didn’t captivate us as much as previous entries did. Continue reading to see whether Episode 2 does.


While the first episode always had a sense of urgency and danger, this second entry is much more slow-paced. Sean and Daniel are lucky enough to have found shelter when the snow started to fall, but are in very barebones circumstances once again having barely any decent food or water available to them. It is here the focus is laid on Daniel’s powers and how he should start learning how to control them. This starts from making a telekenetic snowball, but quickly expands to bigger things. Just one rule though: don’t let anyone else know about your powers. A though thing to ask a nine years old child that’s on the run.

Realising this shack isn’t the ideal place to hide-out in for the entire winter, Sean decides its time to visit their grandparents’ house, which is only a two days hike away. This brings up even more questions about what happened to the brothers’ mother and we want to find out as much as they do. It takes a while to adjust to life with the not-so-kind grandparents, but at least there is enough food and a warm place to sleep. Sean doesn’t only face enmity from his grandparents, but during his stay he also finds out former friends are saying he’s a murder, which weighs heavily on him. DONTNOD does what it does best in ‘Roads’, which is making relatable characters.


Even more interesting are all the choices you have to make which both shape Daniel as a person and your bond with him. This shows very well in THAT mushroom scene and what happens with the grandparents’ neighbours. Remember The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit? Well it so happens Chris and is alcoholic father are living next door. Being able to carry over your Captain Spirit save file is amazing and genuinely affects how everything turns out, this sequence ending in a very important way for both Daniel and Chris.

This episode’s ending is with a big event, setting things up perfectly for the episode 3, which releases next week. We still have the same complaint that we had in the previous episode, namely that Life is Strange 2 misses interaction. Not with the world or the many well thought out characters, but in general. The lack of puzzles makes the title sometimes feel more like an interactive movie than an actual video game, which is a shame given the great story it is trying to tell.


Life is Strange 2’s second episode, Roads, expands on the first episode in every way. It is much more slow-paced, but with three more episodes to come, DONTNOD will be able to tell the Diaz brothers’ story in a detailed and expansive way. We still miss toying with time-rewind powers, but it seems we will see a variant of that in the episodes to come. Sean and Daniel’s relationship is as important and easily-influenced as ever and we cannot wait to see where the pair goes next. Join us next week for our episode 3 review.

Rating: 8/10

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment

Publisher: Square Enix

Price: €7.99


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