Here are the statistics of Anno 1800 one week after release

Since the release of Anno 1800 on April 16, players have been busy building their industrial empire. Here are some of the game’s incredible statistics:

  • There are almost seven billion Anno citizens, which is three times the entire world population in 1899
  • Players have built more than ten million ships
  • Players have installed more than a billion grain fields
  • Players have settled on more than three million islands

Anno 1800 stats

The succes of Anno 1800 is due to the good cooperation between the players and the studio. Through the Anno Union, players were able to provide feedback on the development of Anno 1800 for a year and a half, with a result of more than 160 blogs and 15000 comments.

TheLastVaultDweller provided the review of Anno 1800, those who are interested can read it here. Anno 1800 is already available for PC in the Ubisoft Store and in the Epic Games Store. 

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