The floor is lava in latest Fortnite LTM

Another week, another Fortnite update. And patch v8.20, which released yesterday, is a big one. Here’s what’s in store for Fortnite players:

  • Limited Time Mode: Floor is Lava

Prepare to run faster and build higher than before, because the floor is lava in the newest Limited Time Mode! In Floor is Lava, lava gradually rises from the lowest parts of the map. Nowhere is safe, because the lava moves until the entire map is covered. Touching the lava will apply damage and bounce you up in the air. Fortunately, players can gather enough materials and build on the lava.

  • Poison Dart Trap

In addition to Damage Traps and Chillers, players can now also use a poisonous trap to catch their opponents of guard. It fires Poison Dart projectiles a distance of three horizontal grid cells (four vertical grid cells) and targets hit will receive a damage-over-time effect. Your shield is safe, because the damage will be directly applied to health.

  • New Foraged Items

Bananas, Coconuts and Peppers: Fortnite’s going exotic with these newest consumables. Bananas will instantly grant 5 health when consumed and can only be found in the tropical biome. Coconuts can be foraged by damaging palm trees and grant 5 points of effective health over a short time. It will replenish shields if the player is at max health, which might come in handy. They can be found in tropical and desert biomes. Peppers are quite different from the traditional consumable, because apart from granting 5 health they also increase the player’s movement speed for a few seconds. These peppers can only be found in the desert biome.

These and all other major and minor changes introduced in the v8.20 patch can be found here.

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