Preview: God’s Trigger

God’s Trigger features an angel and a demon fighting not against, but with each other. Why would they do that? Well it has something to do with the apocalypse being right on their doorstep. The premise of this top-down shooter immediately caught our attention and this is our review of the pre-release build we experienced.

God’s Trigger has two main characters, Harry and Judy, one is an angel, the other a demon. In their (and your) quest to save humanity from the impending apocalypse, these two unlikely heroes take up arms to stop it, turning the four horsemen of the apocalypse in a red paste along your/their way. You can choose which character to play with and a friend can join in with the other, both offline and in split-screen. The game is also fully playable solo, which works just as well.


The game has you going from room to room, slaughtering every enemy that stands in your way. At the end of each level you are able to upgrade some abilities, but more about that later. The title uses a Borderlands-like art style, which genually fits with the theme and is a lot of fun to watch. Death is frequent, but never a real setback and after a while you get accustomed to the characters’ and different enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Charging in head-on when clearly outnumbered won’t work well and asks for a different playstyle, luckily there are many to choose from.

Each hero as a different set of abilities to use, each of which can be fully upgraded. Harry, the angel, uses a sword and has the power to go invisible or slow down time. Judy uses a fiery chain whip, together with mind-control and black hole superpowers. This results in each character being effective in different situations, making you switch between characters often. Most rooms you clear also require quite a bit planning out before you are successfully able to clear it, with many playstyles being a possibility.


God’s Trigger offers a variety of challenges to overcome and really incentivizes exploring each character’s set of abilities. The game doesn’t reinvent the genre, but what it does, it does really well. This top-down shooter comes out next month and we honestly can’t wait to see and play even more of it. 

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