Elder Scrolls Online ‘Wrathstone’ Expansion is now available on PC

The Elder Scrolls Online crowned 2019 the Year of The Dragon, a journey taking players into the land of the khajiit. This year’s first DLC is called ‘Wrathstone’ and features two new 4 player dungeons for players to run through. Stating today, PC players can start venturing into these dungeons.

The first one is called Depths of Malatar and it will bring players deep into the sunken Ayleid-ruins in search of the fate of a lost empire. The second dungeon is Frostvault, a Dwarven Vault hidden deep in the icy Eastmarch.

Next to the DLC there’s an update adding new rewards to the Battleground and PvP, an overhauled Zone Guild System, Passive Ability changes and a small change to the Guild Trader UI.

This update and the DLC itself is out now for PC and Mac and March 12 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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