Fallout 76 player with over 900 hours played banned for having too much ammo

Another day, another Fallout 76 disaster. What could have been the best game of 2018 turned out to not be what most players were expecting. Nevertheless the game has built up a fanbase (we completed the game as well might we add) loyal to its MMO style world.

Probably one of the game’s biggest fans with over 900 hours of play just got banned for having too much ammo on its main account. He had been playing since launch and had been trading all his ammo to his main character. Bethesda’s anti-cheating service caught up with him and banned his account. Ironic enough they banned one of their most dedicated players out there and the support service has refused to unban him so far.

The whole story can be found on Twitter, but here’s a screencap of the original post.


One comment

  • The guy item duplicated. He cheated, got caught and got banned. Just because he played a bunch of hours doesnt excuse cheating.


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