Days Gone gets emotional new trailer

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by choking back tears because of a newly released Days Gone trailer? If there is anything we’ve learned from post-apocalyptic zombie games that are exclusively for PlayStation 4, it’s that they can be incredibly emotional.

Bend Studio’s Days Gone is no exception. While very little is known about the game’s storyline, we can now get a glimpse into our protagonist’s life before his journey in the zombie-infested Pacific Northwest. In the video we get to see Deacon in the remnants of an abandoned church. This isn’t just any church, however, because flashbacks show that Deacon married his wife Sarah here. These flashbacks are set two years prior to the events of the game. But, reminding ourselves about these type of post-apocalyptic games, we know that Sarah’s are unfortunately never safe.

The video features the song Hell or High Water by Billy Raffoul, and all of that combined is heartbreaking to say the least. Players can slay hordes of Freakers and find out more about Deacon’s past starting from April 26th.

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