World War Z game now has a release date

World War Z is an upcoming multiplayer shooter with a twist. That twist so happens to be flesh-eating zombies going after all the players on the map. The game is named after the popular book/movie and will be coming out April 16, featuring 5 multiplayer modes on release.

  • Scavenge Raid: try to get much-needed recourses from supply points across the map
  • Vaccine Hunt: try to find and keep hold off a vaccine whilst fending off other players
  • Swarm Deathmatch: your classical 4v4vzombies team deathmatch
  • Swarm Domination: capture zones and try to hold them
  • King of the Hill: try to hold the zone by fighting off other players and zombies

You can pre-order this multiplayer zombie shooter by clicking this link.


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