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Elder Scrolls Online ‘Wrathstone’ Expansion is now available on PC

The Elder Scrolls Online crowned 2019 the Year of The Dragon, a journey taking players into the land of the khajiit. This year’s first DLC is called ‘Wrathstone’ and features two new 4 player dungeons for players to run through. Stating today, PC players can start venturing into these dungeons. The first one is called Depths of Malatar and it will bring

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Trials Rising hit our shelves yesterday and it’s everything we wanted from a sequel

Trials Rising, the next racing game in the franchise, is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $24,99. The game consits of over 120 tracks around the world. The game allows us to ramp off places like the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids. Allowing us to fully cusmtomise our bikes and our riders, it’s time experience trials

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Review: Anthem

Dive into your space suit and fire up those engines, the long-awaited Anthem is finally here. BioWare has tried its hand at a looter-shooter for the first time, all whilst implementing their way of telling a story. Ever since the E3 presentation back in 2017 we have been looking forward to don our iron suit and take back this fallen

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A Fallout Remaster might be on its way thanks to Fallout countdown appearing online

One of the most iconic images in the Fallout franchise is the ‘please stand by’ countdown trailer. Whenever it appears online, a new title is not far off. Fallout 76 is the last to have been released this way and now another countdown has already appeared. This time it is on the Amazon website, along with the standard $59.99 price

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