This is Fallout 76′ survival PvP mode

Fallout 76, at this point you have probably made up your mind whether you hate it or love it. Either way, Bethesda is still rigorously bring out patch notes to take care of all of the game’s bugs and to implement the occasional new feature. Next-up on the agenda is the ‘survival mode’.

When booting up the game you will be able to choose an ‘adventure’ server, which is the game as we know it, or the new ‘survival’ mode. In this mode all players outside of your teammates will automatically be flagged as hostile, and you won’t need to retaliate against another player to initiate a battle. You will not be able to spawn near the enemy who killed you and the rewards for killing other players will also be a lot better.

You will receive twice as many caps and some items aside from the junk that normally drops when a player character is killed. The update is set to release in March in a beta state and will change according to player feedback. Aside from this Bethesda also responded to some rumors and stated the game will not go free-to-play in the forseeable future.


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