Anime fighting game Jump Force is getting an open beta

Jump Force, the newest brainchild of Bandai Namco, is getting an open beta at the end of this month. This fighting game will put popular anime/manga characters against each other in a ‘Super Smash Bros’ kind of way. This time it isn’t Mario fighting Link however, it is Goku from Dragon Ball Z kicking Blackbeard’s ass from One Piece.

The open beta will feature 17 playable characters on 5 stages, but will only be available at select intervals, most likely to stress test their servers. Note the time zone used below is Central European Time.

  • Session 1: January 18th 13h-16h
  • Session 2: January 19th 06h-09h
  • Session 3; January 19th 17h-20h
  • Session 4: January 20th: 21h-00h

We can’t wait to see how this game will turn out.

jump force2.jpg.png

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