Modern Warfare 4 could be the next Call of Duty after all

Developer Infinity Ward just started a heated discussion in the Call of Duty fanbase. After tweeting a series of skull-based images, fans naturally assumed the next installment in the franchise would be Ghosts II.

However, insider and Kotaku writer Jason Schreier let us know that the tweets aren’t about Ghosts at all. Instead it is most likely Modern Warfare 4, which would make sense seen as though these games were far more popular and also published by Infinity Ward. The ghost images could then be linked to “Ghost” Riley, the well-known skull-patterned clothes wearer of Modern Warfare 2. This could also mean we are finally getting the long-awaited Modern Warfare 2 remaster.

April/May will bring us the answer, seen as though most Call of Duty games are announced around that time.


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