Hitman 2 includes a recipe for the grossest cocktail of all time

Hitman 2 is the newest title in the popular franchise in which you assassinate certain targets in elaborate levels by any means necessary. These levels often include small easter eggs and Hitman 2 is no exception. Hidden in the Isle of Sgail level, players are able to find the recipe for the worst cocktail in the world, called: ‘The Dragon Flame’.

This was made specifically for YouTubechannel ‘OutsideXbox’ and more specifically for one of its hosts, Andy Farrant. After discussing what would be the worst cocktail ingredients with one of the developers at IO Interactive at a party, said developer decided to put a drink like that into the game.

The ingredients are:

  • 1 measure Spiced Rum
  • 2 measures Cognac
  • 1 raw, unbeaten egg
  • 2 Pureed chillies
  • 1/2 stick of cellery
  • 1 human tear

We absolutely do not recommend making this yourself, unless you have a genuine death wish perhaps. If you are wondering how it tastes though, you can watch OutsideXbox and sister-channel OutsideXtra make it right here.


dragon flame

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