Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Evil session 5

Here’s the fifth episode, continuing the story of Sari, Blär, Aide and their pet wolf Rosie. If you missed any previous session, you check out the adventure start right here. This episode marks the start of the epic Princes of the Apocalypse campaign. If you don’t want to miss an episode in the future, join our Facebook community by liking our page: https://www.facebook.com/GameVault4/

After a long travel to the north, our adventurers finally reached Red Larch. Upon arrival, they were met with strange weather conditions. The town was covered in a strange mist and it was way to cold for the time of year. They ventured deeper into the small trading town to search for some supplies and to barter off some of the goods they found in previously conquered dungeons. Blär first went to a very strange tailor. The shop stood out in the village because it looked very tidy and clean and everything inside looked ridiculously expensive. Here he bought a golden necklace, in which he put one of his malachite gemstones. After he bought the necklace, the adventurers went to the smithy where Crow tried to sell her silver chalices. This didn’t go to well however since the dwarf was amused to see a Kenku and proved to be quite the racist.


Their final stop was at a stand with a peculiar little, green, gnomic like creature who was drawing their attention as they walked through the marketplace. The adventurers were looking for healing potions and the creature said she could provide. They were offered some kind of dust that would stimulate certain parts of the body. But nobody was interested. Trying to sell something, the gnomisch creature presented a strange amulet with in it, an eye. After closer inspection and being a bit naïve, the adventures knew this eye had a sort of magic in it, and the wearer would gain some kind of power. With a lot of group pressure, Blär took his own eye and replaced it with this magic one hoping to gain some sort of power. A moment passed, nothing happened. A second moment, nothing… Blär took his own eye for nothing at all. It did look cool however.

Being angry with Aide and Crow, he rushed into the nearest tavern and ordered a lot of beer and food to try to calm his anger, all on the tab of Aide of course (the one who just cost him his eye). After a while he was too drunk and went to bed, ordering one of the finest rooms, also on the tab of Aide. Aide and Crow on the other hand, noticed some Dwarfs playing cards. Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the Dwarfs were rather drunk and cheating their arses off. Crow and Aid, thinking they could make some quick money, asked if they could join in. Playing the game and hoping that the dwarfs would be too drunk to play seriously, Crow kept bidding more. But alas, the dwarfs won the round. A bit frustrated, and probably getting addicted to the game, Crow and Aide went for another round. Now bidding even more to try to force the dwarfs to forfeit. But the stubborn dwarfs didn’t want to give up, so they went all in. Having a great hand, Crow won the round and took home the jackpot!

red larch.jpg

The following day, after the fine evening of drinks, food and entertainment, the adventurers awoke and took the time to enjoy a well-made breakfast. During this time, Blär took some time to try to learn how to use this new Eye. After 4 hours he could finally see again! Though he was happy he could see, he was still disappointed that there was no magic involved or no power to be gained. In the midday, our adventures took of to search for Feathergale Spire. Crow heared from the innkeeper that there were so-called Feathergale Knights living there to defend the city and the road from bandits and creatures. But the innkeeper thought that they didn’t do enough. Wanting to know what these Knights were doing, the adventurers took off towards the Spire.

On the road to the Spire, the group was greeted by a large vulture. But this flying beast was quickly disposed of. And after 2 days, the group reached the Spire. Knocking on the door of this huge tower, an older lady answered. This lady, fully equipped with shiny white armor, opened the door and greeted them, inviting them to the feast that was going on at the top floor of the Spire. Upon arrival, they were greeted by the commander of the Feathergale Knights, Thurl Merosska. He was a nice looking man with long golden hair and a very nice suit of armor. He welcomed the adventurers and invited them to sit at his table and feast with them. Coming closer to Thurl, Aide recognized him from his past and he knew this man was not trustworthy in the slightest. He had his share with problems with this man but maybe, just maybe Thurl had changed, and was deserving a second chance.


Aide and Crow talked to the commander and his knights, but Blär wasn’t so sure of this ‘charade’. He wondered how it could be that in the ‘middle’ of nowhere, there was this tower that had plenty of delicious food and ale in it. Above that it was ‘guarded’ by a dozen knights that were feasting. Failing to hold back his curiosity, Blär went to explore the tower. On his way down with the female guard, he noticed a fine decorated door with banners on each side. He wanted to go in there but he first needed to get this guard of his back. Going in the toilet he called for help, and once the guard rushed in he knocked her out. Not wasting any time, he rushed out, barricaded the door and went for the nice door. Without much effort Blär knocked out the door and searched the room. And there he found a letter that confirmed his suspicion. The knights were not telling the ‘whole’ truth.

At the time Blär found the letter, horns began to blow and some guards rushed in from above, notifying Thurl that there were Manticores about. Thurl asked the adventurers for help and so they did. Each getting a Griffon to ride, they charged at the Manticores and defeated them with relative ease. Back at the tower, the group confronted Thurl with the letter to hope he would come clean. But the clever and very charming man had his way and convinced the adventurers that he was on a righteous path and that they should help him continue his efforts.



This marks the end of the first part of the party’s journey. Thank you for sticking with us and come back next week for the newest adventures of Sari, Blär and Aide. See how they take on the Princes of the Apocalypse storyline.


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