Free gold and pricey microtransactions in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption II was our favourite game of 2018, nevertheless Red Dead Online has had a rough start. Keeping in mind it still is a beta, there are a lot of changes coming to this online western. Fixing the in-game economy is the first step and after the last patch, players received quite a bit of gold to make up for the inflation.

This time players are getting rewarded by Rockstar for their loyalty towards the game. Anyone who goes online before December 21st is 15 golden bars richer afterwards. Owners of the Special Edition gain an additional 100 dollars and if you bought the Collector’s Edition, you get a 1000 dollars instead.

Today also marks the release of being able to buy gold bars in the in-game store, which is the quickest way to become the best-dressed cowboy in the west.


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