Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Evil session 4

Here’s the fourth episode, continuing the story of Sari, Blär, Aide and their pet wolf Rosie. If you missed any previous session, you check out the adventure start right here. This episode marks the epic end of The Lost Mine of Phandelver and sets up the start of Princes of the Apocalypse. If you don’t want to miss an episode in the future, join our Facebook community by liking our page: https://www.facebook.com/GameVault4/

After having saved Gündren from the hideous King Klarg, the party talked with him back at Kaylessa’s inn over in Phaldalin. Putting together all the pieces of information they had managed to collect along the way, they figured out all had been a set-up by someone called ‘The Black Spider’. His plan had been to keep them busy and find out where the fabled lost wave echo cave was located and according to Gündren, he had quite a head start on finding its location with the Dwarf’s maps. Working together, the party managed to find out the location themselves, so now it was time to pay the lost mine a visit.


After a few hours travel the team arrived at the no-longer hidden mine’s location. Scouting out the location from outside, wolf Rosie managed to pick up some scent. Blär used his long background with animals to understand that what Rosie smelled was the scent of death. Cautiously making their way inside, they immediately found the source of the smell. Rock, the oldest Rockseer brother was laying dead on the ground. Gündren took his dead brother’s body outside and headed back for Phandalin to give him a proper burial. Our adventurers headed deeper into the cave itself.

A labyrinth of tunnels was their reward. Slowly making their way through, they quickly lost their chance for stealth when Blär used his magical axe to break open every door they came across. Ghouls, a slime, stirges, they all fell before brute strength and incinerating magic. Suffering from some cuts and bruises, they continued their path through the maze. Left, right, right, left, left, straight,…. It was obvious that Aide and Sari had no clue where they were in that maze… Eventually the party found an open cavern in a rougher side of the cave. There were hints of battle all around and a huge lake to the left of the cavern. The layout showed the battle between dwarves and gnomes against an orc army. The orcs seemed to have been the victors of this long-forgotten battle. Blär’s intuition to go for a swim in the lake was weirdly enough rewarded when he stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a grand wizard. This wizard still clutched a wand in one hand, while boasting platinum rings in the other. Aide’s magic knowledge gave him the insight to use this ‘Wand of Magic Missles’.



Making their way up a stone staircase, they stumbled upon the ancient main hall. Two identical Drow (dark elves) greeted them, battle quickly followed. Before the party could reach the elves, four giant spider dropped down from the ceiling. Darkness enveloped the entire hall, with the dark elves as the source of origin. Luckily no darkness is too much for Lathander’s champion and the magic Aide casted brought light once again. But then suddenly Aide lost control of his mind and body: he was under the control of the Drow sorcerers. Sari couldn’t take this any longer and jumped towards the elf on the right, angrily trying to stab him to death. In the end it was the skilfully thrown axe of Blar that cleared the job, the drow died. Aide came back to his senses and the Drow’s twin: turned into a rabbit and tried to flee. Rosie caught him of course and proudly brought back the animal. It happened to be an imposter, a dobbleganger. Annoyingly shapeshifting from one creature to another. It didn’t save him from Aide’s mace.


On their way further into the cave, the adventurers  encountered a now permanently dead ghost and managed to find some treasure: gold and Gauntlets of Ogre power, which went to Sari. The end was near, just one more door. Blär tried to open it, in vain. Sari wanted to show off her new gauntlets and the moment she took the handle, she disappeared. Gone, just like Rosie was.
Aide and Blär rushed through the now open door in the hope she’d be on the other side, but all they found was a specter. He looked confused, almost stuck in time, asking about a certain magician, his master. The adventurers tried to negotiate with the spectre, saying they were on his side and they meant no harm. They told him the battle had been won and his task was completed.  “Then my job here is done here” and he disappeared.

The room suddenly filled with bright, white light coming from an old man standing in the middle of the room. Aide recognised the man immediately and knelt down: Lathander himself arrived to greet our adventurers. He applauded them and rewarded Aide and Blär both for their effort. A magical mace called “Lightbringer” for his champion, Aide. A breastplate engraved with a golden dragon called “Dragonguard” for Blär. Not too long after, feathers fell down the sky and a Kenku accompanied by a Hellhound appeared unconscious on the floor.  “I also managed to bring back your friend… she came from a bad place … not quite sure what happened, but take good care of her”. Aide rushed towards the kenku, who slowly woke up. The birdlike creature didn’t remember anything about what had happened after opening the door. She only knew one thing: She had to go back to her monastery.


Lathander revealed some more information, stating all their stories were connected and they should start by investigating the town of Red Larch. But when they wanted to ask more about that part, The God left, followed by an intense light blinding everyone. “Wh- what happened..” Everyone woke up and surprisingly they all arrived back at point 0. The tavern, this time with a new goal and a new destination.

This marks the end of the first part of the party’s journey. Thank you for sticking with us and come back next week for the newest adventures of Sari, Blär and Aide. See how they take on the Princes of the Apocalypse storyline.

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