Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Evil session 3

Here’s the third episode, continuing the story of Sari, Blär, Aide and their pet wolf Rosie. If you missed any previous session, you check out the adventure start right here. If you don’t want to miss an episode in the future, join our Facebook community by liking our page: https://www.facebook.com/GameVault4/

Coming back up above ground, leaving a once-again burning manor in their wake, the party decided they really needed to start looking for this mysterious Black Spider figure. The only thing holding them back was, well not knowing who he was or where he lived. The only clue they had left was Cragmaw Castle, the home of a certain Goblin leader whom had been doing business with this spider fellow, or so they had been told.


Sari came up with the idea to go and visit the cowardly mayor who had been hiding behind his army of guards during the Redbrand occupation of the town. He was thankful for getting rid of the thugs and promised to help our adventurers forward. He did not know the exact location of the castle, but he did know someone who might. In the nearby town of Thundertree there lived a druid and he should be able to help them further. The fact some people had been going missing around Thundertree, he decided to leave out.

In Thundertree, Blär had an encounter with some moving twigs which were not really a match for his great-axe and even less for Aide’s fire spells. That’s when the druid they had been looking for appeared to warn them about the multiple monsters that had been lurking in the area. He also was also able to show them the way to the castle before he got interrupted by the screams of a lizard like creature. Heavy smoke came out of the tower a little further away, which made the druid run back shouting: “And if you can, deal with the dragon please.” Before the team went further, Gilly explored the area a little more, magical items were close by. And she was right: after some house cleaning and scaring off giant spiders, the party got rewarded with a chest full of healing potions
What would happen to be very useful for their next combat…. The dragon….


Dragons were known to be very intelligent creatures and Sari knew how she could get some info out of him. What do dragons like? Gold. « A mine full of gold » added Aide. That did peak dragon’s intrest. Blär asked Venomfang, the young green monstrosity, straight away if he was the one that attacked his village, but he hadn’t done so. In before anyone else could get anything else out of him, the dragon got impatient and started to doubt the presence of the obviously fake gold mine. Impatient, it let loose its poison breath, making the party know they bit off a bit more than they could shew. The battle was intense, the dragon had a clear advantage over the group, but he definitely didn’t expect a full building collapsing on him as Sari fired one of her raging sun bolts onto the tower. The dragon was down and with the combined powers of the party (and the use of all potions) they managed to injure the dragon enough for him to be unable to fly up anymore.venfomfang

Venomfang reared around for its final attack. The one that would kill them all… until Lathander, Aide’s shining God of Light helped the party out a little “it’s too soon to die here”. (And perhaps a dragon had been a little too rough for three third level characters…). Blär stood up and with the last bit of strength he still had and managed to hack the dragon’s throat open. The dragon collapsed, dead. Looooooot!! Yes everything that could possibly be looted, was looted, on that giant lootable dragon and in its well-defended tower.

Knowing the location of Cragmaw Castle and being overly confident about their capabilities, it was dungeon crawl time. Well, not really. With the help of Rosie, the team found a secret passage at the back of the castle, which they used. Two possible doors. One with an ugly-looking tentacle creature and another one with a long, red carpet and many paintings. The choice was easily made! And the party was right! Straight into king Klarg’s chambers. The Goblin King did not expect such a force to come into his room under the cover of night and especially not through his secret way out of the castle. The king fell, Gündren, who had been captured and moved to the castle was saved and the day was over. Mission complete!


Come back next week for the newest adventures of Sari, Blär and Aide!

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