Dungeons and Dragons Character Backstory: Sari

Hi there reader! Every Thursday we upload a new adventure of our own ‘Rise of Evil’ campaign. In case you are interested in it but haven’t had the chance to start reading it yet, you can check out the first episode by clicking right here. This article will feature Sari’s backstory. It is about how her life was before she became the party’s monk.

Sari had been found a few days after her birth at the gates of a small monastery hidden deep in the mountains. She always considered the monk who found her as a father figure, him being the one who strictly trained her and the leader of the monks. When she was old enough, she had been told that her future would mean leading the monastery one day, trying to make the world a better place.


However, Sari wasn’t anything like the disciplined monk her “father” has wished she would be. Impulsive and cunning. Talented, but hot-headed and a little too proud. At an early age she had already been training with the adults, being gifted in the art of fighting. She thought no one would ever be able to beat her, she thought that she would be the future guardian of this monastery. After all, Sari had a very strong sense of justice. She was loyal and would never abandon/betray her companions. She would, without any hesitation, give up her own life for the people she loved in order to protect them.

Or well, that’s what she thought.

On the night of a full moon, the monastery was attacked. About twenty marauders came to steal the little belongings the monastery possessed. They ruthlessly killed off Sari’s brothers and sisters one by one, right in front of her. There she was standing still, unable to move. She was frightened, unable to even do something. Anything. A Tiefling stood in front of her, axe in the hand, ready to chop her head off. She skillfully avoided every one of his attacks, until that one misstep that would cost her an eye Blood streamed down her left cheek as she grabbed her wakizashi. By the time she managed to react it was already too late, her “father” killed off her aggressor. The battle was won, but many of the monks were either dead or heavily injured. She felt like she was a disgrace to the monastery. Never again, She swore herself. Never again would she react like she did.


The battle was won, but she knew more would come. Them or others. She had to become stronger, more mature, less afraid, worthy. She had to see the world and learn on her own. She left a note to her father and with nothing more than her wakizashi, a backpack and a straw hat, she left the monastery heading towards into the rest of the world for the first time. After a while, she headed towards the nearest city: Neverwinter. She was the heir of the monastery and she swore to herself to become strong enough to be able to protect the ones she loved.

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