Dungeons and Dragons Character Backstory: Blär

Hi there reader! Every Thursday we upload a new adventure of our own ‘Rise of Evil’ campaign. In case you are interested in it but haven’t had the chance to start reading it yet, you can check out the first episode by clicking right here. This article will feature Blär’s backstory. It is about what set him off to become the party’s barbarian. Read it from his point of view right here.

Blär grew up in a village high upon the snowy mountains, in the north of Neverwinter, called the ‘Crags’. Here he lived with his family and tribe in a harsh and cold environment. Due to the extreme weather conditions and the lack of vegetation, the tribe and Blär in particular had to learn how to survive with the few resources they found. He learned to hunt, make fire and gather resources and respected every tool he made. His great-axe was the first weapon he created with his father and he treasured it deeply. But the task to survive was no simple one, since it was always cold and the wind was always roaring and cutting through the skin and there is not much oxygen in the air. If Blär or any other Goliath tribesman from his village would make a bad decision, it could be their last.


The bond with his father was deep. He learned Blär to hunt, make traps and search for resources. He also learned Blär the basics to medicine so that he could search the forest, deeper down the mountain, for herbs that could heal cuts and disease. Goliath as a people are very competitive, they always want to challenge the man next to them. But if a member of the tribe becomes injured or sick they will first try to do everything in their power to help the him. But once the sick are beyond help or if it takes to long, they will leave him behind to move on. Since they have to be strong and they have to move on for the rest of the tribe. If they hold their actions for to long they could lose more than one Goliath.

In the mountains of Crag there was always danger. First of all, have the weather. But past that there are orcs, bugbears, goblins and other sorts of creatures lurking in the caves of the mountain. Most of them live a bit further down the mountain, where the climate is a bit warmer and the vegetation is a bit thicker. But they keep in the mountains so they have a vantagepoint when raiding and defending their stronghold. They make frequent raids to the travellers and merchants that are passing from Luskan to Neverwinter and people on their way to Phandalin and when there aren’t any travellers they go up the mountain and attack the tribe. Thirdly, you have the wildlife. At the top of the mountain there are few animals. But if the Goliath go down the mountain to hunt, they encounter bears, snow leopard and other dangerous animals.


That is one part of Blär, the survival part. The other part that you need to know is that he is in nature very curious. He always wants to know what’s going on and he always wants to learn new things. But sadly enough, he is not very smart. What he has in overabundance in strength, survival skills and endurance, he lacks in basic knowledge like reading, writing, etiquette, …. But lucky for him, that doesn’t hold him back to ask questions and try to learn as much as he can from the things he finds on his hunting trips. Blär his life was generally speaking very peaceful. Yes he lives in a hard and dangerous environment but it wasn’t something he couldn’t overcome. But sadly, as many tales go, on one day something changed Blär his life permanently.

Blär went down the mountain as he usually does to hunt for some deer and to check for prey in his traps, when suddenly the earth started to shake and shortly after a roar boomed from behind him. Due to the surprise Blär looked back towards to mountain, just to see that an avalanche was coming his way. Blär sprinted through the forest trying to avoid the incoming wall of snow and debris. A few meters away he was a large wayward tree that he had to reach to be safe from the snow. Blär barely made it by running as fast as he could, getting to the edge of the avalanche and climbing in the wayward pine.


High in the tree, Blär started looking down to the snow and up the mountain to look what had happened. But they he noticed that there were tools and equipment mingled with the debris and snow. He climbed down and started to inspect the tools. He found his precious battle-axe and his father’s spear mingled with other tools from fellow tribesmen. Blär was shocked as he started looking up at the mountain searching for his village. But he saw no houses nor smoke from any of the fireplace. In panic, he rushed up the mountain in search for his village.

Halfway up the mountain Blär was surprised by a second roar that surprisingly ended in what he thought was laughter. He searched the mountain to look where it was coming from when suddenly an enormous thing passed above him flying away from the mountain. As he watched, he saw that it was moving and that it had wings of sort and a huge tail, but it was way too big to be a bird.

Once Blär reached his village, he saw nothing but snow. His whole village was whipped away and there was nothing left. His family was gone, his friends were gone, his tribe was gone. For a while, Blär just sat down in the ice staring at what once was his village. Thoughts racing though his head, what should he do, where should he go, what was that thing. But then, something strange but amazing happened. Blär snapped. His vision went red, his thoughts were gone, his muscles tensed and his breathing quickened. Blär had no idea what was happening. So stood there for a few seconds until suddenly, he saw a clear picture in his head. The flying monster. He had no idea what is was or where it came from, but it had to die. He had to take vengeance for his family and he had to prevent this from ever happening again. Once the picture became clear, he shouted and roared with all his might until he collapsed in the snow. An hour went by, and a second and a third. By the time Blär awoke, he was half covered in snow. Still worn out from the rage and adrenaline, he slowly came to his feet. Looking around he said : “Time for action”.


The first thing Blär did was look for supplies. He searched all the containers that were still lying around, and he searched the snow. And in the end, he found a walking staff, a hunting trap and some general goods he could use to survive. So having found some general supply’s he started to walk away. But after a while he thought, what if there were more survivors? What if they would come back here? He had to leave a mark to let other survivors know that he was still alive. So he used the torched side of a branch that was in a brazier before the avalanche and used it to draw a symbol of the stone of the mountain, so that any that came back to this place would know that Blär was alive.

Once he had done that, he came in a somewhat mindful state and thought about the future. Where should he go and what should he do? Where would he find this thing that destroyed his home? Those thoughts were quickly removed from his head when he heard a low roar behind him. Slowly turning around he saw a huge grizzly bear. Normally Blär wouldn’t have any trouble dealing with a grizzly bear but this one was different. He was much larger than the other bears he had encountered and surprisingly enough he didn’t attack. The bear and Blär stared each other down waiting what the other would do. But then Blär saw that the bear his paw was bleeding and there was a branch of a tree stuck in his shoulder.


Blär slowly lowered his guard and lay his equipment on the ground. He than searched his backpack for some herbs and a piece of cloth. When Blär prepared the bandage with the herbs, he heard a thud. Looking up, the bear was laying down on his belly panting heavy. Blär stood up and started walking to the injured animal and tried to calm him, but the bear was still rather defensive. Once Blär stood right next to the bear, he kneeled down and tried to stroke him. The moment they made contact, something magical happened, Blär’s vision went black and he went deaf. But a split second later, he could see and hear again. But something was off, he could see himself! After a while he realised that he was looking and hearing though the bear. The bear itself was calming down, and Blär noticed that the bear felt at peace with him. After a short while, Blär’s vision went dark again and his senses returned to his own body. Looking at the bear, he knew that they had established a bond with each other. It was hard to explain but Blär knew that he could trust this magnificent creature. Once Blär came back to his senses he tended to the bear it’s wounds. He pulled out the branch that was in the bears shoulder and applied the bandage. The bear roared but was quickly calm again. There was trust on both sides and he knew that Blär was helping.

After a few days caring for the bear, he was healthy enough to take care for himself and find his own way. But before the bear left, he broke one of his claws as the back of his paw and gave it to Blär, together with a lick. Blär hugged the bear and waved him goodbye, knowing that they would meet again. Blär made a little hole in the claw and put a rope through it to make a necklace.

Blär gathered his things and went further down the mountain. Once he reached the bottom of the mountain, he stumbled on a cobblestone trail. Blär was confused, since he never came this far down, he didn’t know what this strange path was. Why would somebody use little stones to make a path through the woods. Blär stared at the road and looked where it was heading, when suddenly a man on a cart came up behind him.


It was an older man with a big white beard and white hair. He asked Blär what he was and why he was staring at the road. The 2 of them had a conversation where the man mostly answered the many questions that Blär had. The man gave Blär some bread and apples and asked him if he would want to go to Neverwinter with him since he had to deliver some goods there. The road was dangerous and Blär seemed strong enough to protect the both of them. Blär was hesitant but accepted the man his offer since, for the moment, he had nowhere to go and maybe, just maybe he would find out more about the creature that destroyed his home.


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