Dungeons and Dragon Character Backstory: Aide

Hi there reader! Every Thursday we upload a new adventure of our own ‘Rise of Evil’ campaign. In case you are interested in it but haven’t had the chance to start reading it yet, you can check out the first episode by clicking right here. This article will feature Aide’s backstory. It is about what set him off to become the party’s cleric. Read it from his point of view right here.

I only have faint memories of the place I grew up in. Memories of broken windows, cold winters and a hungry stomach. I know I grew up in a poor family, which is why my parents decided to sell me to a local noble. Most of my childhood was thus spent in a mansion, but I didn’t get to play or go to school like the other children. My ‘room’ was a dark and small space, in the cellar of the mansion, with only a small crack in the wall that would let the light through.


I would spend every minute of every day, when I wasn’t serving the noble and his guests as a slave, looking through the gap, wondering if the world was as pretty as the light that shone through. Luckily for me, the other maids and servants thought me common language, and I’ve never forgotten the basics of the infernal language my parents used, though I can’t even recall their Tiefling faces. I also grew accustomed to the beatings and honed my body through hard physical work, although my general athleticism suffered over the years. I don’t remember how old I was when I arrived in the mansion, but I know it took 10 years for me to get out.

One of the noble’s guests, a cleric, had noticed me while I was serving drinks. I noticed him looking at me, something I had grown accustomed to due to my demonic appearance. That night, he appeared in the cellar, and took me with him. I don’t know how or why he did it, but after the years of abuse I was more than glad to trust this man. It was hard at first for me to grow accustomed to the world; I noticed I wasn’t as trusting of most strangers as I was of my cleric mentor. For a long time, I was terrified of the dark, and of huge mansions and figures, and although I’ve matured now, I still shiver at the sight of a castle or mansion, recalling my past trauma and I still prefer sleeping with a source of light nearby. The light for me is more than something to illuminate the dark. It symbolizes hope and beauty.


My mentor thought me about his religion in the year we traveled together, about the life and his duties as a cleric and took me to a temple where I learnt about worship, healing and aiding people. After my mentor left , leaving me at the temple alone  with only a mace to remember him by, I took up the name of ‘Aide’, symbolizing my desire to help people and prevent others of suffering like I have. Another ten years passed and although I was very grateful towards my fellow priests and clerics, I left the temple after a heated discourse with the religious leader. I disagreed with their lawful ways, and couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t provide help to all those in need. I set out, with only a few belongings: My treasured mace, clean clothes ,clerical supplies and the symbol of my deity, who I believe I owe my life to, Lathander .In his name, I will spread the light of hope.


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