Bethesda is handing out canvas bags to Fallout 76 PA edition owners

Fallout 76 has seen a lot of bad press since launch and one of the main reasons was the bag included in the Power Armour Edition. It was originally advertised as being a canvas bag, but what we got was a nylon one instead. Bethesda tried to hush the fanbase by giving out 500 atoms, the in-game currency translating in about 5 dollars, to everyone who had bought this edition and felt cheated.

This caused an even bigger outrage, resulting in the following tweet by Bethesda.


A decent save by their PR team at last. We’ll be looking forward to our canvas bag arriving, seen as though we did pay 200 dollars for the edition.

If you’re wondering how Fallout 76 did as a game by itself, you can read our review right here.


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