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100 Facebook Likes Giveaway!

To celebrate our 100 Facebook likes on the GameVault page, we are giving something back to our readers. Start the New Year of right by winning either Monster Hunter World or Dragon Ball FighterZ, both award-winning games of 2018. The two winners will be announced the 15th of January 2019. Here is how to participate: Like our Facebook Page if

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Fallout fans dissapointed once again, this time with plastic Rum bottles

Game developer Bethesda has been receiving a lot of blowback ever since the release of Fallout 76. The game was advertised as being a triple A game and turned out to be something far from it. There was also some controversy considering the “canvas” bags included in the game’s collectors edition. Although it had been advertised as canvas, it turned

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Learn how to make sweetrolls with The Elder Scrolls cookbook

The world of Tamriel is filled with interesting and delicious looking recipes. Coming 2019 you are able to try out recipes from Skyrim, Cyrodill, Morrowind and other provinces with the official Elder Scrolls Cookbook. Starting the 26th of March next year, we will hopefully finally know the recipe of skooma. If you prefer the Fallout franchise to The Elder Scrolls

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For Honor meets Assassin’s Creed in For the Creed event

For Honor, the sword fighting game, is being taken over by Assassin’s Creed in the ‘For The Creed’ event. It will be available starting today until January 10th. This event will include characters like Ezio and Cesare as commanders, while the soldiers will be dressed as Templars, Assassins and Pirates. Furthermore there will be 3 modified maps to enjoy, coming

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