Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Evil session 2

Here’s the second episode, continuing the story of Sari, Blär, Aide and their pet wolf Rosie. If you missed the first one, check it out right here. If you don’t want to miss an episode in the future, join our Facebook community by liking our page: https://www.facebook.com/GameVault4/

Where we last left off, the party had been asking some questions about a band of thugs in the town of Red Larch. These thugs, called the Redbrands, didn’t care too much for these new people going around and asking for information about them and they decided to try to put an end to it. The Redbrands were however quickly defeated and one of them spilled some information about where their hideout was located. apparently having your ribs crushed and an arm bit off by a direwolf is a very convincing negotiation method. The so-called Redbrand Manor was hidden beneath a burned-down building on the edge of town and the party quickly took off trying to find it.


Finding a latch in what used to have been a kitchen area, Blär, Aide and Sari ventured down below. They came upon a cavern, with a small basin towards the side and a few storage boxes scattered about. Time proved our group of adventurers wasn’t very good at finding relatively poorly hidden ‘secret’ passageways, so they decided to make one of their own. After killing some harmless sleeping thugs, Blär’s brute strength quickly made an end to the opposite wall’s lifetime. Smashing both coffins and skeletons alike in the are behind the wall, they eventually made their way to the big crevasse splitting the hideout in two.


Wondering whether or not Tieflings could fly, Sari decided to give Aide a gentle push, making him fall all the way down into a Nothic’s lair, a one-eyed monster that had made the crevasse his own. The nothic dispatched of Aide rather quickly who had been mortally wounded by his fall. His dinner was hindered however by Sari jumping down into the crevasse and he was even more surprised when Blär decided to pick Sari’s back as a landing spot. With the combined effort of everyone, some of Sari’s quick strokes and wakizashi slashes, combined with a little help from Blär’s battle-axe and Lathander’s light, the Nothic was eventually defeated. He showed them the way to Glasstaff’s bedroom, the master of operations, and laboratory and along their way they also heard about the prisoners being held by some Bugbears a bit further down the hideout.


The party decided to check out the laboratory first and Glasstaff’s quarters next. In the lab, Aide managed to look around the bookshelves and find some kind of manuscript detailing how Lathander’s chosen once wielded a mace which emitted bright light and could slay any undead monstrosity with ease. The last known location of the artifact was the Wave Echo Cave, something Aide was bound to remember. The party wasn’t able to find anyone in the lab however, nor in Glasstaff’s chambers. They did find a lettre detailing how Glasstaff’s real name was Iarno and how he was working for the Black Spider as well with the goal of keeping strong-looking people out of Phandalin so they could continue their operation without issue. They took out their rage that had built up from not finding Iarno (who had courageously hidden behind a curtain, hiding his secret passageway) on the whole dungeon and burning the place down to the ground. Iarno managed to escape, the prisoners did not. Coming back up above ground, they were eager to find out where this mysterious Black Spider was located.


Come back next week for the newest adventures of Sari, Blär and Aide!

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