Leak: Red Dead Online Battle Royal

The Red Dead Online beta is starting later today, but thanks to ‘illogical mods’ on Twitter we already know which modes we will be able to play. Apparently Rockstar jumped on the Battle Royal hype train by including ‘Make it Count’, a 32 player show-off. Aside from guns players will also be able to experiment with throwing knives, bow and arrow and molotov cocktails. At lauch, there will be 4 maps available: Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees.

That’s not all Red Dead Redemption II’s online mode will have to offer, there are many other modes like:

-Most Wanted: Players competing against one another to shoot as many other players as possible. But beware, the better you’re doing, the higher your bounty gets and how much more your skin is worth. This mode will have 5 maps at launch.

-Name Your Weapon: A free for all mode where players are rewarded by killing with certain types of weaponry. The harder the weapon is to use, the more points you get with each kill. There will be 6 playable maps for this mode at launch.

-Team Shootout: The classic team deathmatch mode with maps like Bolger Gate and Saint Denis Docks.

-Races: Three kinds of horse races are included in Red Dead Online. Point-to-Point, Lap Maps and Open Races. Good luck!

-Hostile Territory: In this one teams try to hold certain control points. The longer your team can keep one, the more points you get.

Are you as excited as we are to start playing Red Dead Online? Hopefully we’ll see you guys there!

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