Top 10 most amazing Game of Thrones moments

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the best television series of all time. It boasts many great and awe-inspiring moments which will always stick with us. While waiting for the last season to come out in April, we rank our top 10 most amzing Game of Thrones moments. Beware for spoilers.

10. Loot Train Battle

In season seven our patience finally got rewarded. We were able to see the full might of Daenerys’ Drogon, along with her impressive Dothraki army. The Lannisters didn’t stand a chance and neither did Bronn or Jaime. It was an amazing moment and it very much deserves a place on our list.


9. The Death of Ned Stark

The public execution marks the spiritual end of season one and the start of all there was to come in the series as a whole. When late King Joffrey unexpectingly executed Ned Stark, the war of the five kings began.


8. The Death of Olenna Tyrell

In season seven our beloved queen of sass/thorns was put to a rest. The last remaining member of House Tyrell was fed poisoned wine by Jaime, but she didn’t die before looking him in the eye and revealing it had been her who killed his son. Savage.


7. The Purple Wedding

We had to wait until the second episode of season four to see it happen, but damn was it satisfying. Joffrey Baratheon coming to an end at his own wedding was some sweet Stark retribution, even though they had nothing to do with it.

purple wedding.jpg

6. The Mountain vs The Viper

In the aftermath of Joffrey’s death, Tyrion is blamed for all that has gone wrong. After an unfair trial, he decides to put his faith in combat. The Viper, Oberyn Martell, decides to step up for him and fight The Mountain, the one who killed a lot of his family members. After Oberyn has seemingly won, the tide changes and what follows is one of the most gruesome scenes in television history.


5. Battle of the Bastards

Another long-awaited moment, the battle between House Stark and House Bolton. An epic scale battle ending with the death of Rickon, Ramsey and the last giant.


4.  Arya kills the Freys

Whe cannot hear ‘The Rains of Castamere’ without being reminded of the painfull end of the Stark army. Arya settles the score in season seven by killing all of the Freys herself and making Lord Frey eat his own children while she’s at it. The North Remembers.


3. The Red Wedding

The death of Robb Stark, his pregnant wife, mother, friends, direwolf and army still hurts to this day. The betrayal of House Stark is one of the most talked-about and impactful moments of this series to date. Rest in piece, King in the North.


2. The Battle of Blackwater Bay

Stannis’ army taking up arms against Kings Landing itself. Every scene with Tyrion would make this battle worth mentioning already, but the real reason this is our number two is the incredible display of Wildfire completly obliterating Stannis’ fleet.


1. The End of House Tyrell

Cersei has been through a lot in this series and she has her revenge in the season six finale. One of the best episodes to date and a definite win for House Lannister. The end of the Sept of Baelor, The High Sparrow, The Tyrells and the sandsnakes. An episode to remember.



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