Top 10 new unique weapons in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 sure has its flaws and could use some improvements, but there is a lot of fun stuff in there as well. In this article we are going to talk about all the unique/crazy/fun/powerful weapons you can find in the wasteland of Appalachia. For this list we are only taking into account the weapons that have never been in a Fallout game before. Sorry fatman, you’ll always be the #1 our hearts.

10. Western Revolver

Nothing beats shooting up goons with our trusted Western Revolver. The perfect way to carry over your cowboy love from Red Dead Redemption II to Fallout 76. Hard to come by, it is sometimes sold as a plan by some traders. Deadeye anyone?


9. Ski Sword

Ski’s can be the cause of some serious damage, ask any winter sports fan. Bethesda took some inspiration out of their last winter vacation and gave us the Ski Sword. After completing some of Rosie’s quests at the ‘Top of the World’, you can get a legendary variant for free.

8. Crossbow

How has this never been in a Fallout game before? The crossbow deals massive damage when using its powerful bolts. Simply visit the ‘Palace of the Winding Path’ to become the proud owner of one as well.

7. MG42

One of the most iconic light machine guns of all time, first teased in the Fallout 76 trailer. Get in your power armour, take out your MG42 and watch as everything is reduced to no more than dust before you. Hard to come by, there often is a plan available for it in the Welsh station.


6. Drill

Small, cute, ideal for every lobotomy, the drill well deserves a place in this list. We have not been able to pinpoint its location yet, but is sure is worth scrounging the wasteland for.

5. Ultracite Gatling Laser

We all know the Gatling Laser, the absolute beast of a weapon that leaves only ashes in its wake. The Ultracite version of this weapon is unique to Fallout 76 and does everything the original does, but better. Jump by the Enclave and you might get lucky by finding a trader who sells it.

4. Guitar Sword and War Drum

Two musical weapons found at the Sons of Dane compound. Hear the gracious sounds of the drums or the guitar as you smash your enemies’ skull in with them.



3. Black Powder Rifle

There are plenty of civil war era weapons left at the ‘Picket Fort”. From black powder pistols and rifles to the ‘blunderbuss’, a shotgun variant. Use them for massive amounts of damage, but beware the reload time.

2. Protest Sign

Ever felt like protesting something and taking matters in your own hands at the same time? Well the weapon designers at Bethesda Game Studios must have, because they came up with the Protest Sign melee weapon. Break knees and ribs alike with slogans like “Dad needs job” and “Man over Machine”. You can easily upgrade your armoury by adding one by visiting the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06.

1. Gatling Gun

An American civil war era Gatling gun modified to fire modern 5mm rounds. The Gatling gun has been retrofitted with an electronic trigger, but retains its distinctive crank feed firing system. This gun is the answer to the age-long question, there is beauty in death. Pick one up yourself by finishing the “Defiance has fallen” quest.



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