How to fix Fallout 76

Fallout 76 recently came out and it left a lot to be desired. Instead of a triple A game we got something that looks more like a beta than a finished product and it has already dropped in price by twenty bucks for the black Friday sales. In this article we will be talking about what needs to be changed and what we think will be added in the future.


1. Open up the other vaults

The Fallout franchise is known for its meaningful quests, the ones that stick with you for years after completing the game. These are severely lacking from Fallout 76. One way to introduce these quests would be by opening up the other vaults, which can already be found in the wasteland of Appalachia. Having npc’s coming out of these would make for some amazing events and plot hooks, paired with extremely interesting questlines. Npc’s are needed to make the game feel less empty and lonely, so by opening up another vault Bethesda could hit two birds with one stone. Perhaps throw in some Vault-Tec experiments as well?

2. Give us a central hub

Fallout 76 is filled with tons of amazing locations and it’s a shame that they feel empty when exploring them. Reworking, for example, the second level of the “Top of The World”, the originally named ski resort, into a general hub for all the players in the server would make it an even greater place to visit. Imagine a place like diamond city, filled with questgiving npc’s, robots and players alike. This would immediately break the depressing feeling of exploring the wasteland alone and would be a perfect roleplaying opportunity. It would be a great place for dishing out end-game content as well.


3. Update the end-game content

Fallout 76 is going to need constant free updates to keep players engaged. Bethesda has already said these will continue to happen for the longest forseeable future and will definitely be free of charge. What we really need to be updated aside from the previously stated stuff, is more end-game content. Give us destiny-like raids, some goals to work towards as a community. Keep the content flowing! And if it isn’t too much to ask, we would like weapon mods to be obtainable a little easier as well. No one likes having to scrap fifty fire axes before getting the “sharp” mod for it.

     4. Bigger settlements

Aside from general hubs, we would like to see an upgrade to the camp system as well. It is just too small to really impress people as it stands right now, which is kind of a shame. We really want to show of our fully-modded power armour and decorate a mansion of our own. Technically this is the hardest change on our list, seen as though such big settlements would really start to weigh on the server. A possible solution for this would be being able to “connect” teammate’s camps into one big construction site.

    5. Increase the stash size asap

400lb. of storage space just isn’t enough. We either need to see a more effective way of using the bulk feature, or a big increase in stash size. Luckily Bethesda is already working on the matter.


So that was what we really want to see changed in Fallout 76. If you have any suggestions of your own, please let us know!

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