Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Evil session 1

Hi reader! This post will be the first story of many about three adventurers and their Dungeon Master going through the so-called Rise of Evil campaign. This campaign will go from the Lost Mines of Phandelver to Princes of the Apocalypse and you can expect a new story to arrive each thursday. There will be plenty of homebrew elements in here so don’t worry if you already know the overall story, just give it a shot! As always, if you have any suggestions or comments whatsoever, just let us know. Now, let’s dive into the story…


Spring 1503DR, the land of Faerûn. Our story starts there when three extraordinary people, who happened to have been having a drink in the most famous pub in Neverwinter, the Swinging Sword, were,approached by a dwarf. This dwarf, called Gündren Rockseeker, accompanied by a human sellsword called Sildar Hallwinter entered the inn to look for people to move his wagon loaded with mining equipment from Neverwinter to Phandalin. He had urgent business in Phandelver so he would be travelling to the town by horse, which was a lot quicker without a cart attached to it. Three people agreed to help him, being reward 10 gold pieces each in advance. One of them was Sari, a human monk whose monastery lay far up in the North. She could always be seen with her trusted wakizashi at her side. Blär, a goliath barbarian whose quiet life in a mountain village recently got disturbed when a large entity flew over and destroyed it, was determined to find info on the thing that destroyed his village. He decided Phandalin would be as good a start of his search as any other placed so that is why he decided to join in as well. Aide completed the party, being the rather unusual creature. He was a tiefling cleric who had pledged his trusty mace to the God of light, Lathander, long ago. The party went on it’s way and after a day or two they arrived on the Triboar Trail. After about an hour, they stumbled upon two dead horses sprawled out on the road with a couple of black-feathered arrows sticking out of them. Not before long they were ambushed by four unsuspecting goblins who didn’t stand a chance. Blär’s great axe cleaved them into two, but not before Aide set them on fire with lordly light and Sari knocked one out cold with just her hands. Only two of them managed to stay alive by escaping into the woods. The horses’ saddlebags revealed them to have belonged to Gündren and Sildar and this way their rescue mission started.


Silently following the escaped goblins led them on the Goblin Road. Here, Blär courageously fell down a hole, an obvious trap set by the little fiends themselves. Continuing their path, they found the goblin hideout hidden deep in a cave, into which a small stream flowed. Killing goblins and “charming wolves” along the way (Blär nearly lost a hand and Sari seduced a direwolf to fight alongside them), they eventually managed to meet with the leader; King Klarg himself. Klarg was a hideous bugbear with razor-sharp teeth and a pet white wolf named Ripper. Three more goblins bearing mean shortswords and black bows joined the fray as well, however, they all fell before the party. Blär hacked Ripper into two pieces, the wolf’s bite having no effect on his hardened stone skin. Klarg himself fell to Sari and her handy wakizashi and they have Aide to thank for healing their wounds and letting Lord Lathander’s light incinerate some goblin pests. One survived, calling  three pet wolves to his side. He was easily persuaded in handing both Sildar (whom they had captured inside of the cave) and his pet wolf Rosie over to the party, but only after pointing out Gündren was being held somewhere else, namely in Cagmaw Castle (which he didn’t know the location of). He made his leave as the new, lonely Goblin leader of the jagged-teeth tribe and the party let him be.


Grumshar, or so the surving goblin called himself, also told them they had been working with someone called The Black Spider, but that’s all he knew about the matter. After fixing up the cart they were supposed to escort, they made it to Phandalin and delivered the goods it held. The woman who had been waiting on them was kind enough to give the party a place to sleep for the night. Sildar paid the group handsomely for his rescue and took his leave, searching for a friend, Iarno Glassbeck, who disappeared a while ago in the same town. Asking questions, the party found out the town was having troubles with some thugs who called themselves the Redbrands. They were making everyone’s life tougher and had even killed Berthen (a local shopkeeper) and his children, just because he had refused to pay his weekly ransom. Berthen’s wife was not killed, but captured and taken away to the Redbrand hideout. Asking around, the group met the mayor of the town, who was more than happy to pay whomever got rid of these thugs. He also mentioned some problems down in the town of Thundertree close by and offered a bonus for taking care of whatever was going on there. Aide did not join Blär and Sari on their trip to the mayor and instead chose to visit the local shrine. There he spoke with an elven priestess at the local so-called shrine of luck. Their conversation however was quickly interrupted when they got ambushed by two  Redbrand thugs. Working together with the priestess, Aide eventually sent the pests to their death. Three more thugs joined in after that, but were no match for the party’s combined strength and Rosie’s sharp teeth, seen as though they had heard the fighting outside and had come to Aide’s well, aide. One thug survived long enough to tell the group about Redbrand Manor, where their hideout was located and about someone called Glasstaff who hired him.


Come back next week for more adventures of Sari, Blär and Aide!


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